Choose between 6 templates: Sticky CTA, Floating Buttons, Tab CTA, HTML CTA, Banner and GDPR.

Sticky CTA

When the page loads, this template will display a button, image, content text and link text. When the user scrolls, the CTA will collapse. You can click on the button to open the CTA again. Edit the colors, image and call to action or whatever you want. Fully customizable. View Demos

Demo of CTA left position
Demo of CTA bottom position

Floating Buttons

This template is a great way to get users to go to your social media pages or other variation links within your website.


This template is a tab button, when the user clicks on the tab they will be directed to the url. View Demos

WordPress CTA plugin


This template is the same as the closed sliding CTA template but has the ability to put any HTML or shortcodes that you want. By default the CTA is closed and will open if you click on the toggle button. View Demos

Before user clicks toggle button
After user clicks toggle button

Banner CTA

This template is good for grabbing the attention of users for an important message. The banner spans across the full page. You can choose between top and bottom page placements. View Demos

Can be top or bottom of the page
Can be top or bottom of the page

Coming Soon! More layout options for the Banner CTA.


This template is good for displaying your GDPR policy or could but used as as a regular CTA showing sales or what not. View Demos