How To Use Pro

Create Your First CTA

Click on the button “Add CTA” to get started.

Step 1. Name and Choose A Template

Enter the name of your CTA, don’t worry you can change this at anytime.

Select a template. Click on the button text “View Demos” or scroll to the Template section on this page to learn more about the templates.

Step 2. Page Position

Set the vertical and horizontal position of your CTA.

Vertical options include top, center and bottom.

Horizontal options include left, center and right.

Step 3. Page / Post Conditions

Select which pages, posts, products or CPT to display your CTA on.

Step 4. Content / Styling

Edit the style of your CTA. 

Step 5. Responsive

Hide the CTA on desktop, tablet or phone.

Step 6. Custom CSS

Add custom css directly to your CTA to override the styles.

Step 6. Live Status

Change the status of your CTA to make it live on the front end and so your users can view it. View the notes about the live status below the image. Once you are ready click save and then go to the page the CTA is showing and refresh that page.

Step 7. Click Save

Once you are finished click save and go to the page where you selected and test your CTA.